Peace Promotion Activities in AJK
  1. Security Orientation Workshops 2014-15: Scholars Foundation AJK is actively working on the promotion of Peace in AJK. Scholars Foundation AJK has conducted security orientation workshops during 2014-15 in collaboration with Azad Kashmir Police department to let the students and teachers come out from the brutal incidence of APS Peshawar. The foundation trained 500 hundred Teachers, CEOs Principals, Security Guards and 200 students of different Govt. and private educational institutes.
  2. International Peace Conference 2017: Peace is considered as a greater facilitator for all economic and other activities. Scholars Foundation AJK has arranged an international conference on peace at PC hotel Muzaffarabad on 14 September 2017. with the objectives to spread peace in the region, to create an environment conducive to understanding among the different shades of opinion and viewpoints, to enhance the role of AJ&K Government in peace efforts in this region to identify issues and tendencies in thought which are dangerous for healthy progress of our country, to create awareness that Kashmir Issue has the potential to destroy the peace of the region and to prioritize issues on which work should be done on a sustainable basis. The participants from diverse fields and religions presented their views on the topic. The activity was much admired throughout the world.
  3. Sarwar e Do Alim (peace Be Upon Him) Our Aman Alim Conference 2014: Scholars Foundation always focused on the activities to enlighten the society with the light and fragrance of peace for the humanity. So, in continuance of the peace promoting activities, Scholars Foundation has organized this conference on August 6, 2016 in Muzaffarabad to get benefit from the sacred seerat of beloved Prophet [Peace be upon him] as he was in favor of the society with no discrimination and the right of everyone should be protected.
  4. Mili Yakjehati Conference 2015: Scholars Foundation organized Mili Yakjehati Conference to give confidence to the students, teachers and other individuals related with different fields of life to become an ambassador of peace promoter on 22 December 2015 in Muzaffarabad. Different intellectuals elaborated the causes of chaos in the society and decided to eradicate these causes from the roots. There was participation of different focal persons belonging to different fields of life.